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Gas Market Data

UK Gas Market Data : Sourcing and analysing

A guide on how to source and analyse UK Gas from the National Grid API and creating a pandas dataframe from the XML dataset

UK Power market data : Python, XML and Pandas dataframes

A guide on how to extract xml UK power data from the National Grid API and creating a pandas dataframe from the xml dataset
RSI Banner Image

Quick and dirty RSI in Python

A small bit of code liberated from the archives to source share prices, to calculate their RSI and then present potential trading opportunities on the back of that. Source files and links to dependencies are included

How to pause code in Excel VBA, Python and C++

Following an enquiry about how to pause running code in Excel I thought I would put together a quick blog post to demonstrate the mechanisms we can do this in Excel, Python and C++ The code is simple, is fully listed along with descriptions and a video demonstration for writing your own in VBA.

Closing all running copies of Excel

This short post looks at how we can run one simple command to close all instances of a program down. The example given is Excel but would work with a broad range of programs. A batch file and Python examples are as included
Downloading Python Weather Forecasts

Downloading weather forecasts with Python

The post looks at downloading, parsing and saving weather forecasts from the BBC and Metgroup to a text file. Example of saving to a database is also given along with full source code

Converting time to period using VBA and Python

This post and video talk about traffic to the blog and further examples of how to convert the current time into a number representing how many half-hour periods have elapsed during the day using both VBA and Python. These calculations are often involved in the UK Power market. Video and full source code are provided
Downloading Wind Farm Data in Python

Downloading, parsing and processing UK Wind Farm data

Using Python and Beautiful Soup to source, extract and process a dynamic list of UK wind farm data

Extracting UK Power Cash-out prices from BMRA

Python and databases are a power tool to automate tasks. This post takes a look at sourcing UK Power prices, processing and storing them automatically. Full source code is provided

Downloading Prices from the Web in Python and saving to a text file

A run through on using Python to extract Oil market data from the BBC, FT and Bloomberg along with source code and video explanation