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Beyond the EFA Day – Products along the curve

Going beyond the EFA Day and looking at the longer duration products. Mention is also given to proposals to reform the current system

Converting time to period using VBA and Python

This post and video talk about traffic to the blog and further examples of how to convert the current time into a number representing how many half-hour periods have elapsed during the day using both VBA and Python. These calculations are often involved in the UK Power market. Video and full source code are provided

Using Excel and VBA to convert time into Half Hour periods for the UK...

A run through on how to use Excel and VBA to convert the date/time into the half hour period for use in UK power analysis. Video and source code all provided

All about the EFA Day

A number of different products and periods can be traded in the UK power market. This video walks through these and how they are structured and the blog post has a full breakdown

One EFA’ing confusing system

It starts of confusing and gets worse from there There are many ways to divide up time; The Babylonians loved sixty and gave us minutes...