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Crude oil charts OPEC

OPEC’s Crude Awakening

The oil bears are gaining leverage over the bulls as confidence in the stability of crude prices continues to wane. But to what degree can US production meet additional OPEC cuts and when will the market rebound?

A new dynamic for coal in Asia

Growth rates of the emerging economies in the region, particularly China, are determining the regional and increasingly international trends in many sectors, especially those relating to Coal.

Real or not – gas market manipulation could be the start of a worrying...

The FSA and Ofgem have launched an investigation into the alleged manipulation of the NBP wholesale gas price by one or more of the UK Big 6 following claims from a whistleblower published in the media. All have categorically stated that they take no part in market manipulation. The UK public have up-until this point been fairly acquiescent as their energy bills have risen and complaints have been muted rather than expressly vocal. However, the Big Six should not take that as a sign that there is no discontent as a rejuvenated Ofgem/FSA along with mounting political pressure and upcoming energy market reforms place considerable downside risk upon them.

Economic, Commodities and Gold Outlook for Q4 2012

It's hard to look beyond anything but a bearish outlook for the short and medium term in any of the markets this blog covers in Q4-2012. The European space continues to lack firm direction and has few options left to play, Crude Oil supply looks strong but Syrian and Iranian tensions remain and weakening Chinese growth is of concern. Gold remains largely unchanged in the medium to long term on the back of ECB support for the EUR and the much anticipated third round of quantitative easing by the Fed.

Transmission networks in the UK, France and Germany

European networks are facing two potentially conflicting forces; the economic downturn has seen a retraction in network investment, heightened by the strong underlying prices for raw materials and a more volatile, disparate and diversifying generation mix
An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

This report examines the relationship between the physical coal and gas markets in the UK from 2000 to 2009 and investigates the hypothesis that these markets exhibit marked correlations. It found a strong relationship between the two markets in some aspects, the growing influence of Liquefied Natural Gas and a suggestion of rapid market evolution in both Coal and Gas.
China UK Nuclear Deal

Financing UK nuclear plants – China in investment talks

Reports that DECC is seeking Chinese investment in new Nuclear plants should come as no surprise but broader concerns around the financing costs of the UK Nuclear builds remain. The post looks at those factors and impact of existing ventures and presents The Guardian article