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Integration of Global Coal Markets

Integration of Global Coal Markets

A lack of integration in the world coal market has seen it divided for a number of years into the Atlantic and Pacific regions but there is growing evidence that this is no longer the case.

Oil exporters fight for market share in Asia

Asia’s dependence on crude is expected to increase, but with the market awash with oil, how will suppliers adapt and what opportunities will there be?

Why the price of Gas is linked to Oil

Discussing the historical pricing and indexing of Gas to Oil, the contract terms that back them and the potential outlook given the emergence of shale gas. The post also examines reasons why long term fixed/oil indexed contracts may remain in the European sphere.
Economies of scale made steel

Economies of scale made steel in shipping

Economies of scale made steel : The economics of very big ships Aboard one of the world’s largest container ships, moving almost imperceptibly through the...

Renewable energy: An energised industry

What are the worlds biggest sources of renewable energy and where are they located? Efforts to tackle climate change include heavy investment in renewable sources of...