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China’s electric car surge

China's plug-in electric vehicle sales are expected to reach 2 million by 2020 and have already surpassed the US. Local companies face competition from Tesla but Chinese firms dominate the electric vehicle market. However, continued sales growth is threatened by persistent regional protectionism, the unsustainability of these large subsidies, and widely reported cheating by some automakers.

The growth in Asian LNG trading hubs

This post examines the development, growth and impact of Asian LNG trading hubs, hub indexed pricing, and destination flexibility on the regional and global gas markets.
Outlook for Russian oil and gas

Where next for Russian oil and gas?

Low oil prices and the high cost of developing Russia’s energy reserves are making it difficult for Russia to finance new oil and gas projects. Will it look east or west for new growth?
Shale Gas China

Shale gas in China

With many Western countries seemingly losing their enthusiasm for shale gas, China seems determined to go ahead with exploration and production but at what cost?

Little Flame in the Dragon – Shale Gas in China

Despite the worlds largest reserves of Shale Gas, downgraded forecasts, under-delivery and costly infrastructure have lead many to question whether Shale Gas will ever be fully viable in China.

A new dynamic for coal in Asia

Growth rates of the emerging economies in the region, particularly China, are determining the regional and increasingly international trends in many sectors, especially those relating to Coal.

Grid or Grind – The potential for smart electricity networks

Smart Grids have the potential to be the most promising development the energy industry in a long time. Combining a two way communication urban electrical grids can finally move on from the wasteful and unreliable current model but at what cost to consumers?

Areva and China Guangdong Nuclear Power pull out of UK Nuclear bid

This blog has previously highlighted and commented upon the difficulties faced by all parties in deployment of new nuclear plants in the United Kingdom. Whilst recognising the need for new generation capacity this corner of the internet, is yet to be convinced that nuclear power represents the solution to the problem for a number of reasons. The news today that Areva and China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGNP) are withdrawing their joint approach for the Horizon project has been widely reported and I present two articles in this post from CityAm and The Guardian
Economies of scale made steel

Economies of scale made steel in shipping

Economies of scale made steel : The economics of very big ships Aboard one of the world’s largest container ships, moving almost imperceptibly through the...