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Hinkley Point C – History of a very British mess

Hinkley Point C – History of a very British mess

In 2006, the British government launched plans to build nuclear power reactors but a decade on the policy is failing due to high costs, problems of finance and it threatens new build across Europe. An analysis of the policy, its mistakes, current direction, implications and impact on Hinkley Point is discussed

Building the Smart Grid

A discussion and review of Smart Meter roll-out, the challenges, changes needed to the power networks in the US and UK and potential developments up to 2020
China UK Nuclear Deal

Financing UK nuclear plants – China in investment talks

Reports that DECC is seeking Chinese investment in new Nuclear plants should come as no surprise but broader concerns around the financing costs of the UK Nuclear builds remain. The post looks at those factors and impact of existing ventures and presents The Guardian article

UK nuclear programme is at risk in Moody’s credit alert

Britain's nuclear programme faces a new threat after the revelation that ratings agencies could downgrade French energy giant EDF and British Gas owner Centrica if they decide to build four reactors