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Electricity Price Forecasting Multi Agent Modelling

Multi Agent Models for Electricity Price Forecasting

The second part of the Electricity Price Forecasting series looking at agent-based models which simulate the simultaneous operations and interactions of multiple agents in an attempt to re-create and predict the appearance of complex phenomena.

An uncertain future for the UK Gas supply

The phasing-out of coal from the electricity generating mix, combined with falling British production of gas, provides an opportunity to develop new sources of gas supply but also potential risks
Machine Learning Electricity industry

Applying Machine Learning to the electricity industry

In the second part of his Machine Learning series, Adam Green looks at the implications machine learning will have across the electricity industry.

Decarbonising UK Power Generation

The pace of UK power decarbonisation is impressive, but raises both engineering and economic challenges. Falling peak demand has delayed fears of capacity shortage, but minimum net demand is instead becoming a problem.

Lebanon’s electricity – Slow progress to reform

Lebanon continues to experience extended blackouts despite the introduction of measures to add capacity to the grid. A widening gap between supply and demand, increased stresses and stuttering investment present significant challenges. Despite current power shortages, Lebanon could become a net producer of energy in the years ahead if hydrocarbon fields located in the eastern Mediterranean are found to contain large deposits of oil and natural gas. The fields lie between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel, spanning each country's exclusive economic zone. However, unresolved disputes over maritime borders may hinder exploitation of the suspected reserves

Beyond the EFA Day – Products along the curve

Going beyond the EFA Day and looking at the longer duration products. Mention is also given to proposals to reform the current system