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Can Europe cope with another Russian Gas crisis

The 2009 and 2014 gas crises brought the European Union to a turning point in its relations with Russia, What lessons have been learnt over the last decade and how well equipped is Europe to deal with the next crisis?
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European renewable energy and carbon policy

A review of European energy policies focusing on renewable energy and carbon trading with a brief historical background on the broader European issues from the beginning of the Union′s creation in 1951 up to 2012.

Italian Wind Power – Europe, Subsidies and Crime

The deployment of renewable power across Europe is growing at an accelerated rate. This is being driven by governmental commitments on carbon emissions and structural market reforms to ensure sufficient capital is available for its development. These schemes, whilst effective in offsetting carbon emissions and driving investment, have come under criticism for their lack of transparency and potential for criminal abuse. This post discusses European renewable power, power generation in Italy and the impact of corruption and organised crime in Wind Farms throughout Sicily

Credibility of EU energy review questioned

Experts have “raised a host of questions” about how the European Commission’s use of a non-transparent model could affect the energy review, according to a leaked report by energy specialists chosen by Brussels to advise on the forthcoming “Energy Roadmap to 2050”.