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Outlook for Russian oil and gas

Where next for Russian oil and gas?

Low oil prices and the high cost of developing Russia’s energy reserves are making it difficult for Russia to finance new oil and gas projects. Will it look east or west for new growth?
What drives European Gas Prices

What drives European natural gas prices?

A review of the impact of gas liberalisation and the emergence of trading hubs on the market fundamentals, competition and natural gas prices in Europe

Where now for Russian Gas?

Natural gas plays an important role in Russian economy but how will that role change over the coming decades, what pressures will it face and how will that impact Russia and the rest of the world?

The changing face of coal in Europe

The importance of the coal sector is often overlooked by the media when reviewing global energy. Whilst, Europe and Asia face divergent challenges balancing climate, growth and security of supply concerns, both face growing energy. But, what role does coal play in European energy policies and politics?

Why the price of Gas is linked to Oil

Discussing the historical pricing and indexing of Gas to Oil, the contract terms that back them and the potential outlook given the emergence of shale gas. The post also examines reasons why long term fixed/oil indexed contracts may remain in the European sphere.

European gas: Pipeline pressures

No one likes getting a gas bill, but Europe’s biggest utilities are especially upset over the sums they must pay gas producers, in particular Russia’s state-backed giant, Gazprom. Some are trying to cut those costs; but with little in the way of leverage over producers their chances of success look slender.
Economies of scale made steel

Economies of scale made steel in shipping

Economies of scale made steel : The economics of very big ships Aboard one of the world’s largest container ships, moving almost imperceptibly through the...