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Crude oil charts OPEC

OPEC’s Crude Awakening

The oil bears are gaining leverage over the bulls as confidence in the stability of crude prices continues to wane. But to what degree can US production meet additional OPEC cuts and when will the market rebound?
IEA Header

IE-Oh? – IEA bucks trend and backs oil

The latest IEA report and projections buck the trend and gives the oil majors at least a lease on life in the face of renewables growing market share.

Where now for Russian Gas?

Natural gas plays an important role in Russian economy but how will that role change over the coming decades, what pressures will it face and how will that impact Russia and the rest of the world?
Downloading Python Weather Forecasts

Downloading weather forecasts with Python

The post looks at downloading, parsing and saving weather forecasts from the BBC and Metgroup to a text file. Example of saving to a database is also given along with full source code