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An uncertain future for the UK Gas supply

The phasing-out of coal from the electricity generating mix, combined with falling British production of gas, provides an opportunity to develop new sources of gas supply but also potential risks
Trump and the impossible promise of US Coal jobs

Trump and the impossible promise of US Coal jobs

Donald Trump was adamant that he will bring coal mining jobs back but this seems an impossible task given market forces, environmental policy and technology.
What drives European Gas Prices

What drives European natural gas prices?

A review of the impact of gas liberalisation and the emergence of trading hubs on the market fundamentals, competition and natural gas prices in Europe
Gas Market Data

UK Gas Market Data : Sourcing and analysing

A guide on how to source and analyse UK Gas from the National Grid API and creating a pandas dataframe from the XML dataset
Iranian Oil and Gas

Iranian Oil and Gas Investment

The Iranian economy has been hit by sanctions, mismanagement and now plummeting oil prices. The lifting of sanctions should encourage investment but strong political, financial and economic headwinds remain

Will Europe face a Gas crisis this winter?

Reductions in gas supplies to Poland coincide with increased sanctions upon Russia, but does this foreshadow wider European disruptions this winter?

Where now for Russian Gas?

Natural gas plays an important role in Russian economy but how will that role change over the coming decades, what pressures will it face and how will that impact Russia and the rest of the world?

Little Flame in the Dragon – Shale Gas in China

Despite the worlds largest reserves of Shale Gas, downgraded forecasts, under-delivery and costly infrastructure have lead many to question whether Shale Gas will ever be fully viable in China.

Real or not – gas market manipulation could be the start of a worrying...

The FSA and Ofgem have launched an investigation into the alleged manipulation of the NBP wholesale gas price by one or more of the UK Big 6 following claims from a whistleblower published in the media. All have categorically stated that they take no part in market manipulation. The UK public have up-until this point been fairly acquiescent as their energy bills have risen and complaints have been muted rather than expressly vocal. However, the Big Six should not take that as a sign that there is no discontent as a rejuvenated Ofgem/FSA along with mounting political pressure and upcoming energy market reforms place considerable downside risk upon them.

How emissions, gas and existing assets are impacted by the Electricity Market Reform

The package of reforms outlined in the Electricity Market Reform will set the framework for some of the most significant changes in the UK market for many years. Implementation requires fundamental changes in many parts of the existing arrangements and the exact details of how these will be enacted are currently under discussion. The reforms are wide ranging and therefore I split them over a number of posts. The first - this post - considers the reforms as they relate to emissions.