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Chancellor unveils tax break for older North Sea oil and gas fields

The allowance for "brown field" areas will shield some income from the supplementary charge on their profits. The chancellor said the measure would give companies the incentive to "get the most out of" older fields. Industry body Oil and Gas UK told BBC Scotland that the tax breaks could generate a further £2bn of investment.
An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

This report examines the relationship between the physical coal and gas markets in the UK from 2000 to 2009 and investigates the hypothesis that these markets exhibit marked correlations. It found a strong relationship between the two markets in some aspects, the growing influence of Liquefied Natural Gas and a suggestion of rapid market evolution in both Coal and Gas.

Why the price of Gas is linked to Oil

Discussing the historical pricing and indexing of Gas to Oil, the contract terms that back them and the potential outlook given the emergence of shale gas. The post also examines reasons why long term fixed/oil indexed contracts may remain in the European sphere.

European gas: Pipeline pressures

No one likes getting a gas bill, but Europe’s biggest utilities are especially upset over the sums they must pay gas producers, in particular Russia’s state-backed giant, Gazprom. Some are trying to cut those costs; but with little in the way of leverage over producers their chances of success look slender.