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Real or not – gas market manipulation could be the start of a worrying...

The FSA and Ofgem have launched an investigation into the alleged manipulation of the NBP wholesale gas price by one or more of the UK Big 6 following claims from a whistleblower published in the media. All have categorically stated that they take no part in market manipulation. The UK public have up-until this point been fairly acquiescent as their energy bills have risen and complaints have been muted rather than expressly vocal. However, the Big Six should not take that as a sign that there is no discontent as a rejuvenated Ofgem/FSA along with mounting political pressure and upcoming energy market reforms place considerable downside risk upon them.

Why the price of Gas is linked to Oil

Discussing the historical pricing and indexing of Gas to Oil, the contract terms that back them and the potential outlook given the emergence of shale gas. The post also examines reasons why long term fixed/oil indexed contracts may remain in the European sphere.