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Can Europe cope with another Russian Gas crisis

The 2009 and 2014 gas crises brought the European Union to a turning point in its relations with Russia, What lessons have been learnt over the last decade and how well equipped is Europe to deal with the next crisis?

An introduction to valuing Interconnectors

Interconnectors are assets that gives the owner the option to transmit electricity between two locations. But how does the owner calculate the value of this option?

UK links up with Ireland as interconnector goes live

On the 21st September 2012 the East-West Interconnector linking the United Kingdom with Ireland went live. This high-voltage direct current submarine and subsoil power cable connects the British and Irish electricity markets and is the culmination of a project that was first proposed in the early 1970's. Further links are planned with Norway and Spain as well as Iceland, which has geothermal and hydroelectric surpluses. Ireland also has more interconnector projects in the planning phase as it seeks to take advantage of its ocean winds by building more turbines