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FERC regulators and smart grids

Smarter Grids need Smarter Guidance

Governments and regulators intervene in markets all the time but as the electricity markets undergo dramatic change, it is not clear yet is who is responsible for what and what the rules are to guide market participant behaviors
Iranian Oil and Gas

Iranian Oil and Gas Investment

The Iranian economy has been hit by sanctions, mismanagement and now plummeting oil prices. The lifting of sanctions should encourage investment but strong political, financial and economic headwinds remain

Iranian hopes for Oil industry investment

Iran, like Mexico, has a new and more reform-minded president who wants to loosen the national oil company’s grip on his country’s massive reserves, and bring in private investment to boost output. The reappointment of Bijan Zanganeh has brought a promise to restore output to 2005 levels of around 4.2m barrels a day, a 60% boost on current output. He is promising to speed up work on the country’s South Pars offshore gas development, which has suffered big technical and financial problems as sanctions have scared away foreign investors. But his proposal to foster a competitive private sector to help develop Iran’s many stalled energy projects will pit him against the powerful Revolutionary Guard.
Indian Power Cuts

Indian power cuts holding back growth as Coal India struggles

Two articles from The Economist highlight the challenges that India faces and the issues surrounding Coal India

Areva and China Guangdong Nuclear Power pull out of UK Nuclear bid

This blog has previously highlighted and commented upon the difficulties faced by all parties in deployment of new nuclear plants in the United Kingdom. Whilst recognising the need for new generation capacity this corner of the internet, is yet to be convinced that nuclear power represents the solution to the problem for a number of reasons. The news today that Areva and China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGNP) are withdrawing their joint approach for the Horizon project has been widely reported and I present two articles in this post from CityAm and The Guardian

Transmission networks in the UK, France and Germany

European networks are facing two potentially conflicting forces; the economic downturn has seen a retraction in network investment, heightened by the strong underlying prices for raw materials and a more volatile, disparate and diversifying generation mix