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An uncertain future for the UK Gas supply

The phasing-out of coal from the electricity generating mix, combined with falling British production of gas, provides an opportunity to develop new sources of gas supply but also potential risks

Are LNG exporters in Africa missing an opportunity?

Africa's gas producers continue to propose new schemes for global LNG exports when they could be missing opportunities much nearer home

Can Europe cope with another Russian Gas crisis

The 2009 and 2014 gas crises brought the European Union to a turning point in its relations with Russia, What lessons have been learnt over the last decade and how well equipped is Europe to deal with the next crisis?

The growth in Asian LNG trading hubs

This post examines the development, growth and impact of Asian LNG trading hubs, hub indexed pricing, and destination flexibility on the regional and global gas markets.
LNG shipping

The global outlook for LNG

Softening demand, weak prices & growing oversupply are leading many LNG suppliers to rethink their plans. This post considers how the LNG market will have evolve over the next 15 years.
An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

This report examines the relationship between the physical coal and gas markets in the UK from 2000 to 2009 and investigates the hypothesis that these markets exhibit marked correlations. It found a strong relationship between the two markets in some aspects, the growing influence of Liquefied Natural Gas and a suggestion of rapid market evolution in both Coal and Gas.