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Changing Crude Oil Benchmarks

Changing Crude Oil Benchmarks

The evolving economics of the oil industry are changing how benchmarks are calculated with the WTI, Brent and Dubai all undergoing considerable evolution.
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OPEC’s Crude Awakening

The oil bears are gaining leverage over the bulls as confidence in the stability of crude prices continues to wane. But to what degree can US production meet additional OPEC cuts and when will the market rebound?
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Japan’s Renewables – False dawn in the land of the rising sun?

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster Japan has looked to renewables to fill the gap left by nuclear. but is its resolve now wavering?
Trump and the impossible promise of US Coal jobs

Trump and the impossible promise of US Coal jobs

Donald Trump was adamant that he will bring coal mining jobs back but this seems an impossible task given market forces, environmental policy and technology.

Renewable energy – Oil’s Wells that End Well

In theory, low in oil prices should signal trouble for the renewable market. Crashes in the 80's and 90's brought its knees so why has the industry proved so resilient this time round and what will happen during the next period of volatility?

Oil exporters fight for market share in Asia

Asia’s dependence on crude is expected to increase, but with the market awash with oil, how will suppliers adapt and what opportunities will there be?
Gas Market Data

UK Gas Market Data : Sourcing and analysing

A guide on how to source and analyse UK Gas from the National Grid API and creating a pandas dataframe from the XML dataset

Lebanon’s electricity – Slow progress to reform

Lebanon continues to experience extended blackouts despite the introduction of measures to add capacity to the grid. A widening gap between supply and demand, increased stresses and stuttering investment present significant challenges. Despite current power shortages, Lebanon could become a net producer of energy in the years ahead if hydrocarbon fields located in the eastern Mediterranean are found to contain large deposits of oil and natural gas. The fields lie between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel, spanning each country's exclusive economic zone. However, unresolved disputes over maritime borders may hinder exploitation of the suspected reserves

How emissions, gas and existing assets are impacted by the Electricity Market Reform

The package of reforms outlined in the Electricity Market Reform will set the framework for some of the most significant changes in the UK market for many years. Implementation requires fundamental changes in many parts of the existing arrangements and the exact details of how these will be enacted are currently under discussion. The reforms are wide ranging and therefore I split them over a number of posts. The first - this post - considers the reforms as they relate to emissions.
An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

An analysis of Coal generation in the UK and interaction with the Gas market

This report examines the relationship between the physical coal and gas markets in the UK from 2000 to 2009 and investigates the hypothesis that these markets exhibit marked correlations. It found a strong relationship between the two markets in some aspects, the growing influence of Liquefied Natural Gas and a suggestion of rapid market evolution in both Coal and Gas.