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French Power Generation

Nuclear power remains the first choice for the French power industry but there are challenges on the horizon. A sceptical stance during the election amongst Mr Hollande has softened but still presents downsides for the nuclear industry and especially so for the state controlled EdF. On a more favourable tone, interest in renewables remains strong.
China UK Nuclear Deal

Financing UK nuclear plants – China in investment talks

Reports that DECC is seeking Chinese investment in new Nuclear plants should come as no surprise but broader concerns around the financing costs of the UK Nuclear builds remain. The post looks at those factors and impact of existing ventures and presents The Guardian article

UK nuclear programme is at risk in Moody’s credit alert

Britain's nuclear programme faces a new threat after the revelation that ratings agencies could downgrade French energy giant EDF and British Gas owner Centrica if they decide to build four reactors

Belgium to Phase Out Nuclear Power

Politicians negotiating the next coalition government of Belgium have agreed to phase out nuclear power in line with a 2003 law, while increasing taxes...