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Venezuela Oil Problems

The growing problems for oil in Venezuela

As OPEC’s economically weakest member, Venezuela was one of the organisation's strongest advocates for cuts in production in order to raise global oil prices but it faces significant problems in oil production, exporting and revenues
Changing Crude Oil Benchmarks

Changing Crude Oil Benchmarks

The evolving economics of the oil industry are changing how benchmarks are calculated with the WTI, Brent and Dubai all undergoing considerable evolution.
Crude oil charts OPEC

OPEC’s Crude Awakening

The oil bears are gaining leverage over the bulls as confidence in the stability of crude prices continues to wane. But to what degree can US production meet additional OPEC cuts and when will the market rebound?

US crude production set to recover

Cuts in crude oil production by OPEC – plus some from its allies – and the boost in oil prices are proving highly beneficial to producers in the US, who are now able to restore reductions in their output forced on them by last year’s low prices

Renewable energy – Oil’s Wells that End Well

In theory, low in oil prices should signal trouble for the renewable market. Crashes in the 80's and 90's brought its knees so why has the industry proved so resilient this time round and what will happen during the next period of volatility?

Oil exporters fight for market share in Asia

Asia’s dependence on crude is expected to increase, but with the market awash with oil, how will suppliers adapt and what opportunities will there be?

The outlook and challenges for oil in Iraq

Although Iraq has succeeded in defying gravity thus far, the cracks in the country’s oil success story are starting to show. This post considers the challenges and opportunities to come.
Venezuela Oil Flag

Venezuela facing falling oil output and rising debts

This post gives an overview of the current problems in the Venezuelan oil market hit by rising debts and plunging oil revenues. What is needed is a significant rise in both the price of oil and the volume of exports; but neither looks likely at present and both add to the country's already substantial economic woes.
Nigerian oil worker

All Delta but little change – Oil in Nigeria

With plunging oil prices, decades of corruption and new waves of violence in Nigeria, the outlook for the delta is poor. The days when money alone was enough to patch up the peace are almost certainly gone.
russia economy

Global oil glut and sanctions: The impact on Russia

A review of the implications of the oil price collapse on a Russia already weakened by sanctions and long running structural issues