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mean-reversion in oil markets

Trading on mean reversion in energy futures markets

Recent work has cast serious doubt on whether energy futures markets can be considered weakly-efficient and has demonstrated how mean reversion trading strategies can be employed profitably in Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline and Heating Oil futures
Iranian Oil and Gas

Iranian Oil and Gas Investment

The Iranian economy has been hit by sanctions, mismanagement and now plummeting oil prices. The lifting of sanctions should encourage investment but strong political, financial and economic headwinds remain

Iranian hopes for Oil industry investment

Iran, like Mexico, has a new and more reform-minded president who wants to loosen the national oil company’s grip on his country’s massive reserves, and bring in private investment to boost output. The reappointment of Bijan Zanganeh has brought a promise to restore output to 2005 levels of around 4.2m barrels a day, a 60% boost on current output. He is promising to speed up work on the country’s South Pars offshore gas development, which has suffered big technical and financial problems as sanctions have scared away foreign investors. But his proposal to foster a competitive private sector to help develop Iran’s many stalled energy projects will pit him against the powerful Revolutionary Guard.

Economic, Commodities and Gold Outlook for Q4 2012

It's hard to look beyond anything but a bearish outlook for the short and medium term in any of the markets this blog covers in Q4-2012. The European space continues to lack firm direction and has few options left to play, Crude Oil supply looks strong but Syrian and Iranian tensions remain and weakening Chinese growth is of concern. Gold remains largely unchanged in the medium to long term on the back of ECB support for the EUR and the much anticipated third round of quantitative easing by the Fed.

Chancellor unveils tax break for older North Sea oil and gas fields

The allowance for "brown field" areas will shield some income from the supplementary charge on their profits. The chancellor said the measure would give companies the incentive to "get the most out of" older fields. Industry body Oil and Gas UK told BBC Scotland that the tax breaks could generate a further £2bn of investment.

Why the price of Gas is linked to Oil

Discussing the historical pricing and indexing of Gas to Oil, the contract terms that back them and the potential outlook given the emergence of shale gas. The post also examines reasons why long term fixed/oil indexed contracts may remain in the European sphere.

Downloading Prices from the Web in Python and saving to a text file

A run through on using Python to extract Oil market data from the BBC, FT and Bloomberg along with source code and video explanation