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Japan’s Renewables – False dawn in the land of the rising sun?

In the wake of the Fukushima disaster Japan has looked to renewables to fill the gap left by nuclear. but is its resolve now wavering?

The long and short-term future of renewable energy

Serious questions remain unanswered about the UK's energy strategy; with political uncertainty increasing and a number of the UK's gas, coal, nuclear and oil power stations now approaching end of life, the market urgently need clarity.

Charging forward : Battery-based energy storage

After being talked of for years we are now at a point where energy storage – at all scales from domestic up to industrial and grid – has arrived. This post looks at the opportunities and challenges battery based grid storage will bring.

Renewable energy – Oil’s Wells that End Well

In theory, low in oil prices should signal trouble for the renewable market. Crashes in the 80's and 90's brought its knees so why has the industry proved so resilient this time round and what will happen during the next period of volatility?
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Renewable sectors in the Brexit blind alley

May’s actions since her appointment as Prime Minister suggest a shift of energy policy focus from decarbonisation to affordability. The uncertainty is expected to cause project investors and banks to hesitate about committing new capital. Against this backdrop, this post looks at the short term outlook for the UK renewable sector

Negative prices in European power markets

Negative power prices are increasingly factor in European energy markets but what is the causing them, will they continue and what has been the impact of renewable generation?
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European renewable energy and carbon policy

A review of European energy policies focusing on renewable energy and carbon trading with a brief historical background on the broader European issues from the beginning of the Union′s creation in 1951 up to 2012.
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CBI criticises solar subsidy cut

CBI criticises solar subsidy cut The UKs biggest business group has criticised the governments decision to halve the subsidies for household solar electricity by next...