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Energy Storage - Changing the Energy Paradigm

Storage is changing the energy paradigm

Energy storage is fast finding favour among savvy investors and looks likely to revolutionise the energy landscape for when you storage energy, it creates new opportunities and changes the whole energy paradigm

Decarbonising UK Power Generation

The pace of UK power decarbonisation is impressive, but raises both engineering and economic challenges. Falling peak demand has delayed fears of capacity shortage, but minimum net demand is instead becoming a problem.

Flexibility in Europe’s power sector

By 2050, the European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gases by more than 80%. A large deployment of wind and solar capacities has major impacts on electricity systems in terms of flexiblity and back-up capacities
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IE-Oh? – IEA bucks trend and backs oil

The latest IEA report and projections buck the trend and gives the oil majors at least a lease on life in the face of renewables growing market share.

A tough time for the Coalition as windfarm dispute shakes renewable power investors

The UK Governments policies and handling of both short and long term energy issues have come under close scrutiny this week; EDF Energy announced a rise 10.8% in domestic fuel bills which was followed positive news relating to investment in the Horizons project by Hitachi and most recently the confusing message around windfarms. This article published in The Guardian discusses the impact that mixed messages and uncertainty in relation to renewable power is having upon investors

Renewable energy: An energised industry

What are the worlds biggest sources of renewable energy and where are they located? Efforts to tackle climate change include heavy investment in renewable sources of...