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Brexit power station

Brexit and the impact on the UK Energy market

A detailed briefing looking at the impact of Brexit on the UK's energy markets, the potential impact on policy and an analysis of the market reaction
What drives European Gas Prices

What drives European natural gas prices?

A review of the impact of gas liberalisation and the emergence of trading hubs on the market fundamentals, competition and natural gas prices in Europe
Do OPEC announcements influence oil prices

Do OPEC announcements influence oil prices?

Since the 1973 Oil crisis the role of OPEC in setting and maintaining oil prices has been of significant interest, But, just how much influence do OPEC announcements have on oil prices?

Trading behaviour on intraday markets

Intraday markets for electricity allow for trading of energy until shortly before the period of delivery but what challenges and opportunities does this present. This post examines the Nordic power market and ELBAS for answers
RSI Banner Image

Quick and dirty RSI in Python

A small bit of code liberated from the archives to source share prices, to calculate their RSI and then present potential trading opportunities on the back of that. Source files and links to dependencies are included