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An uncertain future for the UK Gas supply

The phasing-out of coal from the electricity generating mix, combined with falling British production of gas, provides an opportunity to develop new sources of gas supply but also potential risks

Decarbonising UK Power Generation

The pace of UK power decarbonisation is impressive, but raises both engineering and economic challenges. Falling peak demand has delayed fears of capacity shortage, but minimum net demand is instead becoming a problem.

Smart Meter’s : Intelligent choice or foolish venture?

The UK's smart meter roll-out has started but has fallen behind schedule. With predicted savings of £17 billion, and an obvious raft of efficient, economic and eco-friendly advantages, why is the programme in danger of missing its targets?
UK renewable

Renewable sectors in the Brexit blind alley

May’s actions since her appointment as Prime Minister suggest a shift of energy policy focus from decarbonisation to affordability. The uncertainty is expected to cause project investors and banks to hesitate about committing new capital. Against this backdrop, this post looks at the short term outlook for the UK renewable sector
Hinkley Point C – History of a very British mess

Hinkley Point C – History of a very British mess

In 2006, the British government launched plans to build nuclear power reactors but a decade on the policy is failing due to high costs, problems of finance and it threatens new build across Europe. An analysis of the policy, its mistakes, current direction, implications and impact on Hinkley Point is discussed

A review of UK Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage facilities coupled to existing plants provide a climate change mitigation strategy that potentially permits the continued use of fossil fuels whilst reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Potential design routes for the capture, transport and storage of CO2 from UK power plants are examined along with a review of uk carbon capture and storage

UK links up with Ireland as interconnector goes live

On the 21st September 2012 the East-West Interconnector linking the United Kingdom with Ireland went live. This high-voltage direct current submarine and subsoil power cable connects the British and Irish electricity markets and is the culmination of a project that was first proposed in the early 1970's. Further links are planned with Norway and Spain as well as Iceland, which has geothermal and hydroelectric surpluses. Ireland also has more interconnector projects in the planning phase as it seeks to take advantage of its ocean winds by building more turbines

Chancellor unveils tax break for older North Sea oil and gas fields

The allowance for "brown field" areas will shield some income from the supplementary charge on their profits. The chancellor said the measure would give companies the incentive to "get the most out of" older fields. Industry body Oil and Gas UK told BBC Scotland that the tax breaks could generate a further £2bn of investment.

UK nuclear programme is at risk in Moody’s credit alert

Britain's nuclear programme faces a new threat after the revelation that ratings agencies could downgrade French energy giant EDF and British Gas owner Centrica if they decide to build four reactors

UK Govt refuses to ban shale gas ‘fracking’

The UK government has welcomed new developments in “unconventional” gas resources. It is largely a let’s-wait-and-see response, which acknowledges the economic, environmental and security benefits of shale gas. Calls from environmentalist campaigners to freeze exploration in the UK have been given the bum’s rush.