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Wind of Change in the Power Sector

Europe’s wind energy industry is used to breaking records for generating more power from low carbon sources but recent developments point to even more dramatic days to come.

Beyond the PPA – A primer for synthetic PPAs

In the first of a multi-post tutorial series we look at the current market for ‘non-traditional’ PPA's, explain why different players might want to hedge, cover the existing contract types and how power offtake strategies may change.

Wind farms could be curbed after comments by Energy Minister

The government looks set to stop new wind farms after Energy Minister John Hayes was quoted by The Daily Mail and Telegraph as stating that the UK had enough of them. The remarks, carried broadly in the UK press, have to be seen in the context of domestic political positioning as Mr Hayes looks to define his brief, in the context of the coalition and a wider conversation the Government is looking to have about low carbon generation.

French Power Generation

Nuclear power remains the first choice for the French power industry but there are challenges on the horizon. A sceptical stance during the election amongst Mr Hollande has softened but still presents downsides for the nuclear industry and especially so for the state controlled EdF. On a more favourable tone, interest in renewables remains strong.

World’s biggest offshore windfarm planned off Scottish coast

The world's biggest offshore windfarm could be built off the northern Scottish coast, after a scheme with enough capacity to power 40% of Scottish households was submitted for planning permission. The £4.5bn complex would have 339 turbines covering 300 square kilometres off Caithness, making it 50% bigger than the giant London Array scheme off Kent. It is expected to be the first in a series of deep water schemes under "Round 3" licensing.

Italian Wind Power – Europe, Subsidies and Crime

The deployment of renewable power across Europe is growing at an accelerated rate. This is being driven by governmental commitments on carbon emissions and structural market reforms to ensure sufficient capital is available for its development. These schemes, whilst effective in offsetting carbon emissions and driving investment, have come under criticism for their lack of transparency and potential for criminal abuse. This post discusses European renewable power, power generation in Italy and the impact of corruption and organised crime in Wind Farms throughout Sicily