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UK Gas Market Data

Following on from a previous post and video where I talked about getting UK Power data from National Grid. I thought I would do a partner post where I look at doing the same for Gas data.

The above video contains an overview of the UK Gas data services, a guide to the API and some examples of Python code. It runs at 15 minutes and feel free to click the above link to watch in this window to open in YouTube for a full screen HD version.

All the Energy Analyst videos are hosted on YouTube and our channel can be found here – EnergyAnalyst YouTube Channel – and you’ll find videos and playlists covering a number of energy market, trading and programming areas

Software Requirements

The walk through is based around Python 2.7 and the Pandas library. All the tools are therefore free and open source. I should add that whilst it would be possible to analyse the data in a number of ways, I’ve found the Pandas library to have the benefits of being extremely easy to use whilst also being extremely powerful and well worth trying out.

However, the discussions of the API are platform agnostic and the approach should work in any modern programming language. In fact, if you have code that takes a different approach, I would love to see it and I can be reached by the contact from on this page.

Gas market data links

Summary Page

Data Item Explorer :

API Documentation

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